Miami Valley Backgammon Club

Dayton, Ohio

Upcoming Events

Sunday, Nov 19 - Caddy's Tap House (Free Roll)
Sunday, Dec 10 - CBCB Bar & Grille (MVBG monthly)

Current Master Point Standings

1 Stan Eaton 22.60
2 Dave Staggs 15.15
3 Roger Foster 14.95
4 Tony White 12.45
5 Daniel Pehoushek12.15
6 Rob Brower 12.05
7 Vinny Mosconi 10.40
8 John Crockford 9.40
9 Steve Weitthoff 7.00
10Lauren Darcy 5.70
11Teresa Wonderly 4.10
12Mike Coy 2.65
13Deb Harp 1.90
14Greg King 1.60
15Jim Mieske 1.20
15Mike Rezai 1.20
17Kyle Kuhnle 0.85
18Ken Oxley 0.80
19Carl Herold 0.35
19Maron Cury 0.35
21Kevin Manley 0.10
21Pam Sarver 0.10

Last update: November 12, 2017
Detailed results can be found at

Tournament Results

November 12 - MVBG Monthly (10):
Roger Foster (1st), Tony White (2), Stan Eaton (3)

October 29 - Free Roll: Steve Weitthoff (1), Jack Frillman (2), Sean Garber (3)

October 8 - MVBG Monthly (14):
Stan Eaton (1st), Daniel Pehoushek (2), Tony White (3)

September 10 - MVBG Monthly (13):
Dave Staggs (1st), John Crockford (2), Rob Brower (3)

August 13 - MVBG Monthly (11):
Rob Brower (1st), Lauren Darcy (2), John Crockford (3)

July 9 - MVBG Monthly (9):
Roger Foster (1st), Dave Staggs (2), Lauren Darcy (3)

June 11 - MVBG Monthly (15):
Daniel Pehoushek (1st), Stan Eaton (2), Rob Brower (3)

May 14 - MVBG Monthly (9):
Stan Eaton (1st), Vinny Mosconi (2), John Crockford (3)

April 9 - MVBG Monthly (10):
Vinny Mosconi (1st), Steve Weitthoff (2), Dave Staggs (3)

March 12 - MVBG Monthly (11):
Dave Staggs (1st), Stan Eaton (2), Greg King (3)

February 12 - MVBG Monthly (13):
Tony White (1st), Daniel Pehoushek (2), Roger Foster (3)

January 8 - MVBG Monthly (9):
Stan Eaton (1st), Steve Weitthoff (2), Roger Foster (3)

About Our Club

The Miami Valley Backgammon Club meets twice a month for friendly social tournaments in the Dayton area. All are welcome to join, and we are happy to provide instruction for players who are new to the game.

Contact for more information about our club, or to be added to our e-mail list.

MVBG Monthly Tournament

WHEN: 2nd Sunday of every month
Tournament starts promptly at 12 noon
Please arrive early to sign in

WHERE: CBCB Bar & Grill
2495 Commons Blvd #A1
Beavercreek, OH 45431
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COST: $11
$10 of each entry is returned in prizes for winners
$1 is retained for the Tournament of Champions

DETAILS: Main bracket matches are 7 points, except for the final (championship) match which is 9 points. Players eliminated from the main bracket continue in a consolation bracket with 5-point matches. Prizes are paid to the top two players from the main bracket and the winner of the consolation bracket.

Tournament of Champions: This tournament is held annually (usually in January). All players who play in at least one MVBG tournament are eligible to play in that year's Tournament of Champions (TOC).

Free Roll Tournament

WHEN: Last Sunday of every month
Tournament starts promptly at 12 noon
Please arrive early to sign in

WHERE: Caddy's Tap House
2760 Towne Drive
Beavercreek, OH 45431
Get Directions

COST: None! This is a free tournament.

DETAILS: Main bracket matches are 5 points, and consolation bracket matches are 3 points. The winner of the tournament takes home the coveted Backgammon Trophy for a month until the next Free Roll Tournament where the winner will bring the trophy back and try to extend their first place position.

Master Point Computation

Master points are earned based on size of match won

5-point matches won are worth 0.25 points
7-point matches won are worth 0.50 points
9-point matches won are worth 0.75 points

1st place earns 0.20 points per player in the tournament
2nd place earns 0.10 points per player in the tournament
3rd place earns 0.05 points per player in the tournament

0.10 points for participation in a tournament